Recovering from a small stack in a tournament

Poker players, in one point or another, during a tournament will be pushed against the wall with their small chipstack. This happens when one experiences a series of bad cards or losing a big pot. So how do you recover from having a short stack and get back to the action again?
Tournament stages

Being short stacked early in the tournament may look like a very bad situation to be in but you need to remember that the blinds are still so small so you can play your chips as if you have your original stack and make most of positive situations.

In the middle stages, being short-stacked can be a real problem. You will have very limited options since you are only good for a few big blinds and small blinds. If you decide to play, go all in. This also forces the opponent to lose a good amount of chips in case you succeed.

At the tournament bubble, you need to decide if you can get a viable chance when you double up If you have two blinds then most likely no but if you have around 7 blinds worth, then it might be possible to recover. You need to play aggressively to bring in the money.
Blinding away

Avoid giving away your money by blinding away. You can still force your opponents to fold even when you only have around 5 blinds left.
Dead money

If you are not in the blindsand holding cards like K-10, you have about 2 blinds left with two limpers in the pot, go all in. You might benefit from the big stacks going at each other postflop and manage to get some chips.

Recovering from a small stack requires that you be aware of the stage of the game you are playing. Remember the concept of fold-equity and try to win some pots without having to go on a showdown. Go all in if you need to re-raise to get the most value out of your remaining chips. When you have a short stack, never give up.