What Different Types of Slots Are There?

Given the wide-ranging popularity of slots, which is played by gamers of all walks of life across the world, there are a number of different types of slots games on offer at the various casino sites. Just as there are different slot machines available on the average casino floor, so too are there different virtual slot machine games for players to sample as they go. From the way they look to the way they play to the winning outcomes attached to the came, there are substantial areas of variation in slots that strive to keep the game engaging and keep players entertained as they play.

While these variations naturally deliver different games, the premise underlying slots is always the same. But what can players make of different variations in both the game style and the prizes on offer through playing across different slots games?

Game Variations

Slots games can vary in the theme, design and the way in which results are judged. For the most part, these differences are aesthetic only, and no matter how complicated or convoluted a slots game appears it is still powered by a random number generator application at its core. Nevertheless, game variations make the game more challenging for avid slots fans, and provide a chance for players to become more engaged with particular games, their designs and how they are won.

There is something of a collector’s mentality in the number of game variations on slots sites, and there are droves of players who aim to win on every machine they can for the purposes of collecting the whole set. Different game variations will play differently, but in essence the similarities make it easy for slots players to move easily from one to the other.

Prize Variations

Another way in which slots can vary is through the prizes they offer, and just as some machines will have much lower payouts than others, so too will some game variations have lesser prize potential for those that play them. Some games carry varying jackpots, while others are progressive – i.e. jackpots linked across multiple different games. However the prizes are structured in the slots game, it is important to try out a few different setups to find that which works best for you. For some players, lower paying games will pay out more frequently, and it may well transpire that this is the most successful strategy.

There are a large number of slots games and variations out there, created generally to keep slots fans amused with a wider selection of games. While the differences are often superficial, players should remain live to the potential that some games are likely to be more suited to their style of play than others.